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T.O.Y.S. III: Season of the Santa

Santa's crunched the numbers since our last one and he likes what he sees! Maybe we can't call ourselves his exclusive representative, but we can certainly say he's our pal! Check out these youth-oriented items so you won't be caught with an empty stocking in a few weeks.


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Lots of games, many we've seen before and some books too! How are the books?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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Alex Toys

Foil Bead Refill - $8 - http://www.amazon.com/Alex-Toys-Foil-Maker-Refill/dp/B003B7D6H8
Fab Badge - $13 - http://www.amazon.com/Alex-Toys-762-Badge-Maker/dp/B004K1EZ9C
Foil Bead Kit - $20 - http://www.amazon.com/Alex-Toys-446W-Foil-Maker/dp/B00381A64S

total = $40, here $20.

Previous woot (@$25) http://kids.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=5259808

Some prices on the mothership appear to have increased since then.

Reviews are decent.


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I have the Dumbo charm book that I bought on clearance somewhere, and it looks great! However, it does omit that part where Dumbo "gets the hiccups" and sees pink elephants...

I also just received the 20 cd set, and I love it! It has sooo many fun songs for my son that I never learned, and the bedtime songs cd is wonderful! I used it recently on a short road trip, and he was out like a light!


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I have a few of the CDs from the dollar store & even then this would be slightly cheaper at $19. I didn't know they offered a 20 CD set. My daughter loves the twin sister CDs! I am tempted to get this even though I will have a few doubles.

They are short, educational, fun, I have them in the car & on her leappad!