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AMAV Illuminated Art Easel

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I'm a good reader.


Luckily woot showed me where to get more:

Extra batteries over at woot plus

If you are buying batteries please consider buying an extra pack to donate to toys for tots.

Having trouble finding videos of this product I'll check back later for reviews if nobody has.


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Only 5 Reviews over at Amazon, and 3 of them are not good.


I can't find anywhere to get more markers if needed. Also board doesn't come with any erasers.


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My son got this for his second birthday a few weeks ago. It's super chintzy and the chalkboard side has hardly been touched, but he and his brother love the light-up side (and he did get some extra markers with it). I'm not sure if that makes it worth $50, though.

Also, the paper roll at the top was removed almost immediately so that the paper holder could be used as a wand or pointer.


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Regarding the markers, they are “wipe on’ wipe off markers “, but what you need here if you're looking for a replacement (and inevitably you will) are washable chalk based markers. Accept no others!

If you've seen the Expo Washable brand, they're a pretty common brand found in many discount and drug store chains and we are told they work very well as replacements.

Hope that helps!

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