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Potty Training (4-Piece Set) - 3 Choices

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quality posts: 8 Private Messages imanotherstory

A folding potty seat just sounds like a really bad idea, I am thinking pinched cheeks and maybe a splash down.


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missed this last time, in for 1 but should of took number 2.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages leigho2

Yes! I finally made it in time for the Cars seat. I got 2.


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In for 1.

Here's hoping Dora convinces my daughter that diapers are so passe.

  1. 11/6Rmba
  2. 11/13Scba
  3. 11/16LtchWlssSystm
  4. 11/16Gmbrdg
  5. 11/16SnDskPlyr
  6. 11/16UFO
  7. 11/16LtchWlssHdphns"lbl fll ff"
  8. 11/17LtchXbxhdst
  9. 11/173xLkFrg
  10. 11/25iPdShfflClck
  11. 12/62xBpMntrs
  12. 12/133xNxs25XM


quality posts: 3 Private Messages Moledazy

Would've preferred the Fairies one over on Amazon, but Princesses will have to do for my toddler. She won't see it under her behind anyway.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages amylynnlindberg

I have this exact stool (the Cars one), and a similar foldable seat.

The foldable seat is a lifesaver when you're out and about. It fits easily into a diaper bag, and it can be placed on those gigantic toilets in many public restrooms. The seat locks open easily - I've never been even mildly concerned about pinches or splashdowns.

But when I don't have it, then I AM worried about my kid falling in when the only option is a handicapped seat. Ever tried to hold a three-year-old on a handicapped public seat while keeping the one-year-old from chewing on the feminine products receptacle? Well, it's not pretty. But the folding seat - saves the day.

The stepstool functions as advertised. No problems or glowing review there. The other seat is ok. I don't have this model, but a neighbor does, so I've seen it in toddler action. The splashguard isn't great, but at least it's removable.