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Extra Batteries: You Might Save Christmas

You bought some already? They're going to run out. You bought backups? They'll run out too. A kid with a new toy on Christmas is going to use that new toy for three days straight. Don't force them to have to share! That'll break their hearts! Get as many batteries as you can afford and have them ready. That's what Santa would do.

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Poooo, I need rechargeable nimh batteries. Got any??


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thequiltmama wrote:Poooo, I need rechargeable nimh batteries. Got any??

If you don't see it in that collection, probably not. But that's not promising anything about the woot-off, you know? There are so many things that go through you'll want to keep an eye on them.

Anyone want to review the rechargeable batteries we do have here?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I've purchased these a couple times and am getting another one here.

The charger is really nice and will charge AA and AAA NiMH as well as these. it's very portable and light but the clear plastic cover falls off pretty easily but not a big deal for me.

I haven't done any real testing with the batteries themselves but I have not had any issues with them or any that have been DOA.


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The Panasonic deal is a strong one. I am in for a few


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In my experiences, Panasonic makes EXCELLENT batteries. Probably the best I've ever used - and not just AA and AAA, but even my car battery. Never once disappointed.


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Why do all the combinations come with more AA than AAA? Both are equally common in my house, if not favouring AAA.

I also second some more rechargeables. Either the iGo Alkaline ones, or NiMH. I got the charger last week, now I just need batteries, so please consider selling some without a charger.


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Where are the Panasonic batteries made?

BTW, AC Delco got acquired, stripped and outsourced. So don't assume that those are made in the US, or are even any good, based on past experience with the company. Any info on these batteries?


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If you want to really move rechargeables, try to find one of the brands that, like the great Eneloops, use a chemistry with a low self-discharge rate. The main problem with most NiMH batteries is that they lose charge even when not in use - sometimes as much as 1/3 of a full charge in one week. Eneloops and a couple of others can sit on the shelf for a year and still have most of their charge left.

I suggest you *not* sell alkaline rechargeables. They were never a great idea and you'll get a lot of them returned for leaking and/or dying. A smart charger that can recharge any kind of batteries including alkalines might not be a bad idea, though. Most brand name alkalines (except Energizer) can be recharged one to four times, but *only* with an alkaline-compatible charger, and they lose capacity with every charge cycle.


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Can't say a recommend the iGo pack. At the moment they don't seem to stay charged for very long, but I'm more or less making myself use them because I bought them and it's still slightly easier than going to the store.

But it seems like a crap shoot whether when I pop the batteries in if the batteries will have a charge. If they do, I don't have high expectations on longevity.


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The Kodak alkalines I got from woot! are excellent, rated higher in some of the 3rd party tests than Duracells. The AC-Delcos are working well too. All made in China.

Camelion (sic) brand Nimh "Always Ready" cells have a very low self-discharge rate, last for months charged on the shelf for me (rated for a year).


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An RC, an RC, my kingdom for huge supply of ReChargeables! All those solar outdoor lights need RC's.

Larry R. Mallory