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Elegant Baby - Baby Blanket & Toy

Last Purchase:
5 years ago
Order Pace (rank):
Top 47% of Kids Woots
Top 44% of all Woots
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Bottom 42% of Kids Woots
Bottom 31% of all Woots


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At least 8 of them have already been purchased, and it is still only down 1%. These will never sell out if they need to sell 800+ of them.


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Scary blue monkey....


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I've got too many blankets and crap like this, but they're actually really cute. I need and less cute and more useful!


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99% left, 20 have been sold. Is this a fake woot-off on kids woot to keep it in line with the main woot site? It's holiday season, everyone's shopping for their kids. Anything remotely decent should sell like hotcakes. Looks like the home woot site is stuck too with the T-box tampon holder.

Is there a term for a pseudo-woot-off?