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The Fila-delphia Story For Boys

Winter, turns out, can get pretty cold. And boys will be boys, so eventually they'll whine and cry and make all sorts of awful noises if you allow them to freeze. Probably better to just keep the little snotbags warm and alive. And stylish.

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Does your child have brand preferences when it comes to clothes?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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These look great, wish you had them in smaller sizes though!


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Do these pants have a real, functional drawstring?


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saquack wrote:Do these pants have a real, functional drawstring?

It appears that they only have an elastic waistband, no drawstring


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Does anyone have any info on the sizing and what size equals to what height, measurements? When I went to the Fila website's children's section, their sizing was set up by S, M, L and XL and was nothing like the sizing offered here. They didn't even have a size 18/20 offering.