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Lionel Trains: A Present For Your Tree

Face it: trains are cool. Nothing says community like hanging out with strangers who are going where you're going. Sort of a metaphor for life, when you think about it. Yeah, man. Trains are deep.
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Who's a train fan as well here?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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My husband debated getting the Polar Express 0 gauge last time it was up here, but he just decided to go hog wild and found the Santa Flyer at our local train store. Expensive, but he and the kids love it, even though he says 0 gauge is just 'toy' trains and not REAL model trains.

The vintage HO Mantua Toy Express I found for $10 at an antique store last year was just too small for running under the tree.


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$189 on an Amazon lightning deal a few days ago. Where are the DEALS?


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My almost 4 year old got the Little Lines Polar Express set from Grandpop for Christmas 2 years ago and plays with it at least once a week, sometimes every day. Other than one of the back wheels of the engine needing to be glued back on, it's held up to the abuse that a toddler can give it. When it's time to play with real toy trains, Grandpop has them set up for Christmas (if only I had a larger house where we could set up a real layout). Bonus points because it doesn't go fast enough to jump the tracks.


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$219 over at Amazon right now with free shipping.