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PUMA Boys Underwear & Socks

Modesty just means you aren't proud of your underwear, right? Get some of these classy garments and your boy can be the next Dick Grayson. It's like RuPaul said: with the right attitude you can pull off any outfit.
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Every styling outfit starts with a proper foundation. Feel free to let other parents know how these endure the repeated washings of today's youth!

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I made the mistake of buying a pair of Puma sneakers to my impressionable then 3-year old son (to my defense, they were on sale!). Said little Pumas turned him into a little fan boy and for the 6 years since, he's been addicted to anything that bears the cat logo. It is also contagious, and the fleas of brand loyalty spread to his little brothers... get them while they are young... And here I am, clicking the stupidly large button and feeding the beasts...


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What is so great about these that they are worth $4-6 a piece (not including shipping), when I can get Fruit of the Loom or Hanes for $2 a pair?


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I am a bit confused by the description-
Under features:
Each pack contains 3 pairs of socks

Under Specs:
In the Box:

(2) Puma Boys Low Cut Socks 6-Packs (choose the color & size)

In the title:
12 Pair

So if I made a order for one, am I getting 12 pairs of socks or 6 packs of 3 (18 pairs) or (2)x 6 packs (1 pack = 3 pair?)?????? o.0


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help with sizes... I've got a large/tall 3.5 year old boy at home. He wears a size 12 shoe, but his older sister wears a size 1. Will these socks be too big?

DOh.... specs.

Sizing Chart
Sock Size: 6-7.5 Shoe Size: 5.5-11.5 (Toddler)
Sock Size: 7-8.5 Shoe Size: 8.5 -2 (Toddler - Youth)
Sock Size: 9-11 Shoe Size: 2.5-8.5 (Youth)