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KidKraft 2-in-1 Activity Table

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My inner seven year old is squealing right now. 20% off all Lego's right now over here, http://deals.woot.com/deals/details/496d3687-cd09-4243-8bc9-a40d7878e6a5/20-off-select-lego-sets#3
I might have to adopt a baby just to have an excuse to buy this.

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Looks like a good price, compared to Amazon anyway (particularly the espresso finish):

Natural finish-


Espresso finish-


Tempting, as I have a 5 year old Lego fanatic. I think I'm gonna pass though.


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Why do they bother to put the train side on there? It is too small for a real train layout unless all you want to make is the figure 8 shown. Guess it might be worth it for the train pieces, but you'll have to use them elsewhere, because the Lego side is never coming down!

I do like the dark wood option. Different. Would consider it if I didn't have the three-way table already.


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I just got one for my toddler. This is great! His Legos have been sitting in a cardboard box in the closet for ages and he plays with them on the floor every so often. This is the perfect solution to those two problems. Thanks Woot! I'm giving ya a woot woot!!!


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This is just what I've been looking for. Thanks woot!


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We got one last year on Woot as an "introductory" train table for my son when he turned two. There is not a lot of room on it for the track, but it did not matter to him. Half the time he just drove the trains around on the table top. But now that he is older and does more imaginative play, Santa will be getting him a larger train table so he can set up a proper track.

Now that he is three, he is allowed to play with (not eat) the smaller lego parts so we leave the lego table up almost all the time. He and his older sister love it. I like it because we can dump all the pieces back into the storage area when they are done.



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I agree with the above comments - I bought this table last winter and it's really not proficient as a train table, but if your using it for a lego table you're in luck!
Also worth noting that my one year old was able to pull off one of the wood side, the screw came through the side of the wood completely.


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I was sitting in the Carter's outlet store near us yesterday, watching my 3yo son play with LEGOs on this same table. I thought to myself, "Hmm, I wonder if I can find one of those online, and how much it would set me back."

Voila. Woot read my mind. Frea-ky.


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I bought one of these in a different woot. It is a pretty cheaply made item. I know many things now are not like they used to be but this one surprised me. It's not even made out of particle board type wood, it's particle cardboard glued/pressed together and covered with laminate. I broke one side while putting it together when I put pressure on the table. I was able to glue it back and now the table is fine. My daughter hasn't used the lego side yet (2yrs old). She loves the train side and as long as she doesn't climb up on it and start jumping up and down it works fine.


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found something similar and less but without the legos...maybe the construction is sturdier....walmart.... http://www.walmart.com/ip/Wooden-Activity-Table-with-45-Piece-Train-Set-Storage-Bin/21172945#ProductDetail


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Got this last time, and it's AWESOME.


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I bought this last year through Woot. I think it is way too small for a train table. It is pretty annoying, but we're hoping when our son is a little older and gets into Legos it will be more useful.

Oh, and the storage area? Ridiculously not useful. You have to take everything out of it and replace the top in order to use it.


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...still hasn't shipped. ...????


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alissaackley wrote:...still hasn't shipped. ...????

hmm. if you're concerned about the status of your order, send an email to Support@Woot.com so we can look into it.

Not sure if you should post that? This slightly-nsfw-flowchart will help.


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Opened this up to assemble on Christmas eve and there was no hardware included. Had to rush out, deal with Christmas Eve chaos and purchase a new (different) table for my child. Not that keen on Kid Kraft now...


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garcia4295 wrote:Opened this up to assemble on Christmas eve and there was no hardware included. Had to rush out, deal with Christmas Eve chaos and purchase a new (different) table for my child. Not that keen on Kid Kraft now...

Aw, Kidkraft! Looked at the specs and sure enough you should have gotten: "(1) Allen wrench with necessary hardware for construction" with your table. I'm glad things worked out, but see if Kid Kraft will make right and get your (now) backup tools for you.

If you have any issues, please keep us updated.

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