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Classic Fisher-Price

Let's face it, people. "Classic" is a not-so-fancy word for "if you had this toy when you were a kid, you're old as dirt." Think I'm overreacting? Ask your kid if he even knows that that thing is with the corded receiver and the rotary dial. Yeah. That's what I thought.
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A bubble mower sounds like a great way to get those little guys and gals moving around - plus when summer comes you'll have them all ready for the real thing. :P

But seriously, Fisher Price! It is as good as back in the day? Let's hear your thoughts.

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I bought my cousin's daughter a chatterbox telephone when she was about 7 months old - and she *loved* that thing even though she probably will never see a real rotary telephone in her life. She also enjoys the rock-a-stack. Sometimes the simplest toys are the best toys.


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Really Woot... 1 Xylophone??? really?


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The Stack and Roll Cups are the BEST!!!

You can turn them into a nesting ball, or you can make individual balls. If someone younger is playing with them, there are multiple ridges on the outside of the cups so they will still stack even if you don't get it exactly correct.

My 3 kids (18 mths, 3.5 yr & 13 yrs) all love them (although I think the 13 yr old just likes to aggrevate his brothers sometimes) ;D

Oh - and the 3 year old likes to make them into balls, and see how many he can hold on his fingers at one time.


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Target563 wrote:Really Woot... 1 Xylophone??? really?

Observationally speaking, plus deals tend to have a more limited amount of stock than regular sales (which is why they're usually not regular woot sales).

Sorry about that if you missed out! Hopefully the speed in which it disappeared can convince our awesome buyers to rustle up more for future sales.

I'm just hanging out, really.


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A friend of ours who purchased the telephone recently was telling us the cord is really, really short. I believe it's that way due to safety regulations.

However, she said as a result of the super short cord her child (two year old) ended up having the phone body whack his face with enough force to bruise from picking up the receiver.

The two other parents who were present attested that either similar things had happened to their children too or their kids were frustrated because it was awkward to use. All three parents said they'd either cut the cord off completely or taken yarn and replaced it to make it longer.

Just FYI and YMMV. I'm certainly not endorsing putting potential hazards in the hands of children by modifying their toys but wanted to share real world experience.


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Ok, my neice is 5 months and christmas is coming up. Suggestions? I'm a young male and have no idea.


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johnt007871 wrote:Ok, my neice is 5 months and christmas is coming up. Suggestions? I'm a young male and have no idea.

I would say either the stacking rings or the stacking cups.

She won't be stacking any time in the near future, but the rings make good things for her to learn to grasp (ESPECIALLY the one on the top, which can double as a rattle.)

The stacking cups also have a smiley face ball in the middle of them with a bell in it. That is also fun for them to make noise with at that age. The cups will be harder for her to grasp, but will stay with her longer.

Either one will get lots of use by the time she's about 8 mths old.

EDIT: - and if you want more details on the cups, you can see my earlier post.


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I will echo MommaBeary and say that the stacking cups are more awesome than you can imagine. Received them as a hand-me-down toy for my year-old son and did not think anything of them until my son started playing with them... and playing... and playing... great toy.


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F-P currently has a 50% off sale going. If you miss something here, check the F-P website. And yes, my great-grandkids love these same toys that my children played with 45+ years ago! As to the phone cord, play doctor and cut it off! Problem solved.


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I concur - the Stack and Roll cups are amazingly versatile and tough. I've even put them in the dishwasher.