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2 Pack Organic Tiny Fruits - 4 Flavors

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A bonus deal? And it's not even a wootoff! Baby food is not much consolation to those who missed the light sabers, but at least you tried.


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The "cash grab" isn't over, I guess.


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alanhwoot wrote:The "cash grab" isn't over, I guess.

How much packs are in this, its a little confusing, is it only one 2 pack?


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Ugh. That GMO stuff is just so transparently an "ulterior motive" thing. They seem to be chronically short on links to actual studies, and just use typical doublespeak.


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The more common conspiracies aside, GMO foods usually have a lot less nutritional content than non-GMO, and organic has more nutritional content than non-organic. (Not to be confused with "inorganic" - even the more common ones are still fruit after all, not rocks.)

However, this is still at least $3.33/oz, with shipping, assuming you buy three sets. That's some expensive fruit snacks.

Wow - I woot!ed so much my sig can't contain it all! I couldn't even keep up with it - this list hasn't been updated in years!

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Troy48 wrote:How much packs are in this, its a little confusing, is it only one 2 pack?

Yes, if you choose a quantity of 1, you get two packs of what ever flavor you choose. There are 4 flavors.

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Little Duck Organics Tiny Fruits

Intersting Review with a few comments



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Good review! So they are freeze dried fruit, not chewy gummy snacks. That makes a huge difference. These would actually make great hiking snacks for grownups, and at $2.50 a bag (if you buy 3 - 2 packs to mitigate shipping) is actually a good deal for organic freeze dried fruit. This same size package of adult fruits at Trader Joes would cost $5 each. I might have to grab some, my daughter always wants a snack when I pick her up from school and these would fit the bill.


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In store, these packages usually are around $3.50 each (this brand, other similar brands of toddler freeze dried fruit and the Trader Joes brand of freeze dried fruits as well, we buy those often). If you can catch sales or a Babies R Us coupon, they can be as low as $2.50-$3. With shipping, this isn't a great price but if you are buying a few packages of these or bought something else and already unlocked free shipping, this is an okay deal.

But the freeze dried fruit is nice for toddlers over all. It melts quickly so harder to choke on but since it does melt, it doesn't require much chewing (if they are chowing down on these all day, make sure they do get some other foods in there that require some chewing for them to exercise their mouths). This won't go bad quickly like produce will, doesn't require refrigeration once it's open like a piece of fruit, is less mess to eat if you are out of the house and easier clean up anywhere. But if they have this in their mouth and spit it out, it will stick like glue.


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we got $20 worth of these fruits the last time it was on woot. These have to be the worst items we purchased from woot second to the kites. My daugther didnt like any of the flavors and they went straight into the trash can...I should add we bought some great deals from woot but this left a bitter taste in my mouth.....


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I also got these at the last time they were offered. Flavor wise its hit or miss. The rugrat only liked a few of the flavors.

I was reading the back of the label and on some flavors it actually said Does not contain zombies. Its in the section where it says does not contain gluten or nuts or blah blah blah.