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SkootCase: The Rideable Bag

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Can I get this in an adult size?


quality posts: 12 Private Messages jelliebaby

Pity it doesn't come with pedals to accomodate those wee ones who want to pack and run away from home - or maybe even those of the not-so-wee-anymore variety.


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"Features a sturdy tow strap that makes it convenient to throw over your shoulder or pull your little one through the iarport"

Typo woot. iarport=airport.
Just thought I would help out.


quality posts: 41 Private Messages beck12

I don't know about this one but we have a Trunki (which serves a VERY similar function) and it was a great buy. It helps to be able to take at leas tone toy with you on a trip & when it's their suitcase, all the better. We opted to use that bag when doing real family travel for activities, snacks, etc - so we didn't put much for clothing in it, but you certainly could.

spending my kid's college funds one woot off at a time


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agnosticmayhem wrote:"Features a sturdy tow strap that makes it convenient to throw over your shoulder or pull your little one through the iarport"

Typo woot. iarport=airport.
Just thought I would help out.


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quality posts: 6 Private Messages pgoldberg


In case you want to hate children...


quality posts: 2 Private Messages mfaughn

This makes me wish we didn't already have a Trunki. They need to make a whole range of these all the way up to football player size.


quality posts: 5 Private Messages donnaryan111

Here's an adult demoing



quality posts: 0 Private Messages monicapuglisi

thank you! the last time this was on I went to buy and they were out of blue. woo!


quality posts: 5 Private Messages ethibaul

We got this last time around, and my 2 year old son loves it. Its his "motorcycle!" I like the design better than animals, which they could grow out of.
HOWEVER, remember is is still a hard plastic that may be a tad more brittle than most children's toys. We've brought it on this Turkey Day trip we're on, and when our boarding was announced at JFK, my husband picked up the strap, stood up, dropped the case on its hiney, and the back loop that the strap connected to broke right off. Luckily he didn't teach the kiddos in the airport new words, but he was peeved (and let me know,) about it during the entire flight to OH. Also, our case came without the rear license plate, but we didn't care enough to call for a replacement.

The M&D trunkies are on Black Friday sale over at the Amazon mother ship for $25, if one doesn't care about the design.