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Melissa & Doug Wooden Fun

Your grandparents had die-cast metal. You had cheap, maybe dangerous plastic. Your kids can do better than both. Melissa and Doug are extra nice and work hard to combine fun with safe. Sure, your grandkid will play with holodolls, but until then? Stick with wood.
Melissa & Doug official site


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I just wanted to say, I have these. And they where bought when I was born. 24 years ago, while we don't have 100 (anymore) they have really stood the test of time and short of being lost none have ever broken. The paint is a bit thin on some now but they're really great toys.



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As a manager at a small toy store, I must say that Melissa & Doug is one of my favorite brands that we carry. They're all well made, quality toys and these prices are amazing! You could knock out your shopping for a whole kid with just a few of these bad boys for a fraction of the cost. I say go for it. You won't be disappointed.


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I just got the mini dollhouse for my daughter, who LOVES her big old plastic Fisher Price Loving Family dollhouse here at home. I am really excited to give her a portable version that she can carry around! I can already forsee it going with her to Gma and Gpa's house. I also like that it's a miniature size as it'll better fit her smaller toys like Polly Pocket. Everyone lives in harmony in her world, regardless of scale