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K'nex Amusement Park

Who doesn't love rides? Only THE WEAK UPON WHOM WE WILL ONE DAY FEAST okay, okay, deep breath, maybe rides aren't for everyone. But even those who'd rather sit at home can enjoy building them, right? Plus that just means THEY'RE NOT IN FRONT OF US IN LINE AAA NEED ROLLER COASTERS GET OUT OF THE WAY
K'Nex official site


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these are average walworld prices

WOOT before Work


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I love Knex coaster sets, but I agree, these prices are not much less than Walmart (more actually if you figure in Tax/shipping. For instance, the Rippen Rocket 2 is $48.92 at Walmart.

If you can wait for the following weeks after Christmas you will find these heavily discounted at Walmart and Target, usually 50-75% of their Walmart original (not list) prices, I've seen their $50ish doaller Knex sets marked down to $15-20 in previous years' after Christmas clearances.


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Its pretty amazing what some Knex Coaster Enthusiasts have done with massive Knex Coaster Builds:

Best of Volume 1 & 2:


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We love K'Nex at our house, but $600? Who buys that set?


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Costco has the Ferris Wheel, Corkscrew, and Viper sets together for $47.99, Shipping Included.