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Melissa & Doug Play Food Bundle

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It's a good deal, but not an $80 deal. If you were to buy all of these items on Amazon at current prices, you'd pay $62.75 w/free shipping. This is $49.99 + $5 shipping. So, still a deal, if you have use for all four of these, but it's more of a 12% off deal. At that price, I might skip the deal and buy the ones I really want over at Amazon.

Melissa and Doug makes great kids' toys.


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Just in time for my Unit on 'Food' that I'm starting next week with my Kindergarteners... except I'm a first year teacher so I don't really have $50 to go throwing around. Maybe in a year or so if this deal comes back!


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My daughter plays with her Melissa and Doug play food every single day.

We picked up a bunch of sets last year when Amazon had most of the play food sets on sale for $10 a set.

What is sort of a bummer is that the sets don't really play well with her Step2 kitchen. The food is too big for the pots and pans & the baking trays don't fit in the oven. I'm aware that there are other sized kitchens out there, but they don't really fit in with ours. She still has tons of fun with it (uses her night stand as her oven with these...heee!) and we highly recommend these.


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From MSRP this is a very good deal, however as was mentioned this time of year they tend to have them on sale. If you want the convenience of a one-stop purchase to compliment your kid's new play kitchen this Christmas this would not be a bad way to go. I got my M & D play food from Amazon on black Friday (actually midnight-ish Thursday night) for 1/2 off which was better deal than this, but it was a matter of racking my brain trying to decide which ones I wanted. I ended up with the cookie set, birthday cake set, cutting-food set (a huge hit) and the 4 food groups set.


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Wow, this is a great deal. Too bad for me, for I had already spent my dispensable cash for the month.


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If you live by an AC Moore craft goods store, they have Melissa & Doug items at 40% off this week (they have this sale price more weeks than not). For the weeks when it's not on sale, they always have printable coupons online for anywhere from 40-55% off 1 item.

Our wooden Melissa & Doug items have never held up well (break easily, paint chips fast, splinters) but I do like their felt food & non-wooden puzzles.


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As some have already pointed out, there may be other options as far as price goes. As far as the product itself? Wonderful!

I already have purchased most Melissa & Doug products for my nephew, or else I wpuld be all over this. I started with the cuttable fruit, and the most recent I believe was the pizza. Unfortunately, this bundle does not have the cuttable fruit, which is my nephew's favorite. When you "chop" through the velcro joints, it really feels like actually chopping food, which my nephew loves. Still, all the products I have purchased have proven safe. I bought the first set when he was 3; he is five now and every piece looks as good as it did the day I bought it. So, they definitely are long lasting.

Point being: great, long lasting products, I am a huge fan... Sad that they don't include the cuttable fruit.

..on that note, is cuttable a word? Haha.


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"Realistically sized so your child's imagination doesn't have to work so hard"

Um... Don't we want our kids to have good, hard-working imaginations? I appreciate that we want them not to be pie-in-the-sky about everything, but they do need to learn to differentiate between fact and fiction.


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This is actually a very tempting deal (with my nieces in mind), but after some considerations I think I'll just opt fir a few individual sets from amazon which are about $15 each with free shipping.

Basically it comes down to this: i don't like all the sets on the kids.woot deal as much as some of the others I could get. The cupcake set and pantry foods set are very cool and I would rather have those than the pizza or cookie one. There isn't anything wrong with the kids.woot deal, but at $50 it isn't great. For only a few more dollars more I can have choices of whatever set I want.

I hate to say it, but ff this had been maybe $10 cheaper, my price consciousness would have overridden the desire for choice part of my brain.