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Alex Toys Art Desk

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I bought this desk for my son when he was nearly two. It was a bit big for him then, but worked, it was just harder to reach the cups with crayons/pencils/pens. It has adjustable tilt, and tilting it to the next to most extreme angle (not really very extreme) helped put the first cup holders in his reach. Now that he's 3 1/2, he can reach all just fine.
He loves having his own desk next to mine to do his art while I edit photos/etc. I certainly would buy it again, it is very sturdy, will fit him for a while, and has a fun design. The paper cutter works well, and is totally kid safe. The four cup holders are nice. It comes with all four. It looks brand new still.
The negatives I can see are this:
It's painted like a chalkboard surface, but isn't very functional as one. I tried multiple types of chalk, I seasoned it, and still no. We have a separate easel with a chalkboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other that he uses instead for that activity.
The paper can shift easily. My solution was to buy a huge binder clip and stick it on the top edge to hold it in place. It works and it's cheap.
The whole setup is big, make sure you have the space (the chair needs to come all the way out for kid to sit in it). The child will also likely need help getting chair in and out because it is heavy. The very good part about this is that it is very hard to tip (to me this is mostly a plus because my kiddo is very good at tipping chairs).
The shelf on the chair is frustrating in that it is open on both sides... It fits old artwork, or coloring books great, but if kiddo pushes from front, it is easy for it to fall out of back. Easy fix is to paint a small section of cabinet backing to match, cut to fit, and then use either detail nails or staples to secure to back of chair. Or just don't use it.
There is also a lack of storage features on the desk itself... It's fine for us, because I keep most art supplies out of reach until it's time to use them (my kiddo is way too creative... ;)
Even with all the potential drawbacks, I highly recommend this desk. I imagine my son using it for quite some time. It has certainly brought out the artist in him, and it has made what use to be time away from me time that we now share, both doing our "projects".


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Good product Woot, start 'em young. By 2030 the whole internet will be cat videos and t-shirt sites. Someone has to design the next generation of lulz. :p


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Bummer....I bought this full price in October for my grandson Alex. He absolutely loves it. He uses it for eating and games as well as drawing. My daughter says it's made well, was easy to assemble (Alex helped) and the colors brighten up the room. This is an excellent deal....wish I had another grandchild!

Kristine Milochik


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I bought this back in November. After the assembly was finished, which was quite easy, it looks to be very sturdy, colorful and practical for any up-and-coming artist. Hopefully my nephews will be pleased with this desk as much as I was paying such a cheapo price for it. Thanks Woot!