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Trend Labs: Diaper Bags Another Day

Just because your baby is a little damp, that doesn't mean the sky is falling. Pull out one of these bags and you'll have everything you need. You'll feel slightly stirred, but not shaken. Also please, don't take your baby into the movie theater. We want to watch Daniel Craig in peace!
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None of the bags for sale are as cool as the one the woman is holding in the main picture.


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How about the sturdiness of the bags? Parents?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I'm hoping that kidswoot will someday sell diaper bags geared towards men/fathers.

Something along the lines of Dadgear Diaper Vests.

Here's a video.

I own a black version of the diaper vest, and I used it with my son. Although he's now potty trained, I still find all the pockets useful to carry around stuff.

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Thanks for the ideas you guys, its gives me and my wife a really good idea of what we need to get because we're having our first child in less than a month. my wife really wants a diaper bag that's pretty trendy, and obviously we're pretty new to the parenting accessories buying world so we need a little advice. we found this site, http://www.squidoo.com/best-cool-baby-diaper-bag-for-dad-and-mom and she really likes the jj cole one she found on that site. we're just curious if any of you moms like the jj cole brand and if we should go with a different brand what we should go with? any help would be appreciated!