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Joust Us League

His Old English is spot on! That's impressive for an 8-year-old from New Jersey. If he keeps that up, he'll be King one day. Yes, King of the Ren Faire. That's like being president of the neighborhood association in real life! What did I tell ya, Frank? Our kid's goin places.
Schleich official site


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Joust was one of my favorite computer games. Alas, these are the kind with horses!

We've seen these before, so let's hear the owner's perspective - good holiday present?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I had to mentally say the title three times before I got the joke--"Joust us league. Why does that sound familiar?"

Very clever, Woot writer.


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Currently cheaper on Amazon's Black Friday deals. $99 with free shipping for Prime.

Momma bear undercutting Woot.


Only a few minutes left on the pre-black friday Amazon deal.



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The castle set is on sale at Meijer for $104.99(free in store pick up in states that have Meijer - or about $15 for shipping if out of state) http://www.meijer.com/s/schleich-knights-castle-set/_/R-201403 And their set regularly runs $229.99 because it includes all the following: Knights castle play set
Toy castle with 6 knight figures
including archer, knight with sword, sentry, foot soldier with stone, and 2 foot soldiers

spending my kid's college funds one woot off at a time


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I bought the castle and most of the red and blue items for birthday presents for my grandsons in nov who will be 4 and 8. I will give other schleich items for christmas and I am grandma of the year.

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