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Fisher Price Imaginext VS. Batman!

How cool are these Fisher Price Imaginext toys? Pretty cool. But how would they fare in battle against the Dark Knight Detective? Let's find out!
Fisher Price Imaginext official site

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Sure, Batman, but I think the ogre might be a contender. You?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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My boy (3.5 yrs old) LOVES these toys. As a parent, I also like that all of the pieces/characters/etc. are interchangeable. So yes, you can have Batman play time in the medieval castle, complete with the addition of dinosaur and ninja foes.

Only complaint, they seem to focus too much on the "weapons." I have to watch it with my boy so he doesn't go overboard with the violence; but that's just my parenting style. Otherwise, these have really sparked some creative play time.

I'm now going to buy the other pieces that we don't already own. Prices definitely comparable to sale days at Target/Toys R Us.


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These are so timely! I was just ogling these at Target last night with my 4yo, because we got the castle (FOR FOUR BUCKS AT A RESALE SHOP, ZOMG, SCORE!) but have no little figures to go in it. On the other hand, the $5 shipping, even if I got 4 of them, means there isn't any difference between snapping them up on here or just picking them up at Target at my convenience.
The price isn't any worse than getting it at a brick and mortar store (as long as you get a bunch), it just isn't any better, either. *shrug*


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I got so excited when I saw these since the castle is going to be the main present for our 3 year old, but with shipping you have to get a bunch to get any savings over Amazon and/or local Walmart store. What we need I can get cheaper with Prime from Amazon.


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Is 25% off the best you can do, Woot?


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Amazon has it for 49.97 with free shipping even if you are not a prime member since it is over $25...this is not a deal woot...you...fail!


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I first read this as "Bat Knight and Horse", disappointing.


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It's a Griffin not a Phoenix!


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chefpierre wrote:It's a Griffin not a Phoenix!

Looks like Fisher-Price can't decide what to call the creature. On their website, title says Griffin but the description says Phoenix.

And every picture I found of the packaging says Phoenix.

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