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Glow Sticks with Lanyards and Hangers

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quality posts: 9 Private Messages jelliott04

Any idea if these would be delivered in time for Halloween?


quality posts: 73 Private Messages craigthom

Two day shipping for one is $8. Two day shipping for three is $24. That makes no sense, since they will come in the same box and don't weigh much.

I was ready to buy three more, but not for that much.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages jko1

These are great at the campfires. S'more the kids up and give them glow sticks. Kids bouncing off the wall everywhere, but at least I can see where they are


quality posts: 0 Private Messages mrssturrock

I could buy 1 at the dollar store, or I could buy 48 for $8! Hell yeah. Do you know how many raves we are going to have?


quality posts: 4 Private Messages Stupoopy

I wish I could buy more than three. Will this be in time for Hallows Eve?

Probs not. But if so, awesomeeeeee


quality posts: 0 Private Messages aglarana

I use these as treats to reward good behavior in my girls instead of candy. Also, some nights when they're having trouble falling asleep, they are magic wands to keep the bad dreams away. Love them!


quality posts: 1 Private Messages Joeldude

I use these on my dog's harness. Easy to follow at night. Also, the reds and yellows make for good 'emergency light' if you're stuck on the road.

Muah Hah Hah Hah Hah Haaaaaaaaa!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages zebano

Kids love these! We put them in their bath in the winter. Also great for putting in balloons for a glow party!


quality posts: 2 Private Messages lozerette

I seem to buy these every time the come up on Woot, and they always get used/played with. The first time it was so we could have them on the kiddos for Halloween, and then we all remembered how cool glowsticks are!


quality posts: 1 Private Messages Joeldude

Where else can you get 72 glow sticks for under $20? It's a WOOT steal!

Muah Hah Hah Hah Hah Haaaaaaaaa!


quality posts: 4 Private Messages fletchallb

put them in the freezer when the kids go to bed, they will still glow the next night. Double the fun.


quality posts: 2 Private Messages jimeezlady

72 glow sticks + grandkids = FUN TIMES!


quality posts: 18 Private Messages meandsecoya

In for three (in two separate orders, since in my haste to order I forgot to set the quantity the first time)! My kids love these and they're great for when we go to Nana's and have them for all the kids.

PurplePawprints elsewhere


quality posts: 11 Private Messages biggoron

kids woot or LSD woot?

Quality post? Me??


quality posts: 0 Private Messages LittleJohn

In for 72!!!!


quality posts: 48 Private Messages mjc613

I picked some up at a previous woot off, so I am ready for Halloween! We gave these out last year and everyone was happy


quality posts: 1 Private Messages brainz

Thank you Woot!, for constantly selling these at different prices. Bought them last Halloween for $1.99 a pack (always in for 3) and was great. Bought them begrudgingly on 10/10 for $4.99 a pack (delivered yesterday supposedly). And now here they are again, but for $3.99. Woot, I just don't understand, but this close to Halloween I can't risk buying more and having to sit on them for a year. I guess if you missed out 2 weeks ago strike now, but don't expect them in time unless you pay for the absurd shipping.


quality posts: 33 Private Messages olcubmaster
jko1 wrote:These are great at the campfires. S'more the kids up and give them glow sticks. Kids bouncing off the wall everywhere, but at least I can see where they are

Bingo - as a long time Cub Scout leader, having the families equip the young' uns with glow sticks after dusk does triple duty:

1. Easy tracking device in the dark
2. A safe night light in the tent (and no one gets teased about using a night light because EVERYONE has one)
3. The kids think they're cool!

And at these prices, load up!

Sugar 'em up and send 'em home


quality posts: 38 Private Messages computermd82

Depending on where you are, they might arrive in time for Halloween.

Wife and I both bought these on 10/10. I ordered mine at just after midnight, and it arrived on 10/13. Wife's purchase was at 11pm near the end of the sale, those 2 boxes arrived on 10/15.

Granted this is a Woot-Off and shipping might be a little slower, but here's hoping. We're in NY also, so YMMV.

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quality posts: 0 Private Messages lobi

Got 3 packs last year, didn't expect them to arrive in time for Halloween, but they did. VERY POPULAR with the kids, teens, and parents. In for 3 again this year, despite the fact it's so close to the holiday. With any luck they'll arrive on time. The kids seem to prefer them to candy, so more leftover sweets for me.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages pburkett2

Really hope they come in time for Halloween, set of 3 should cover the high school marching band for the parade.....


quality posts: 12 Private Messages dcigary

In for 3 as well!

I figure this:

- Halloween (always go with a group of kids)
- Stocking Stuffers at Xmas
- Emergency light in the car
- Emergency light in the boat
- Emergency light in the Geocaching bag
- Emergency light at home
- Emergency Rave supplies
- Bribes (thanks previous poster for the idea!)
- Wear one a day to work - when asked why, tell them it's to ward off evil
- When I feel really trippy
- Woot-Offs

There. That's my list of uses. Anyone else?



quality posts: 10 Private Messages RobertB

We went through a box of Woot glowsticks when the family went camping this summer. The most useful application: hang a glowstick on the guy wires extending out from the tent fly. Prevents tripping over the lines at night!

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quality posts: 15 Private Messages shushine999

I got three sets last time they were offered. I've just ordered 3 more sets. I am sad that I can't order more than 3 sets this go-round. In addition to the list above of uses, I have 2-3 stuck in the corner of every single drawer in my house for power outages. Not much use to have a flashlight tucked in the kitchen cabnet if I'm upstairs in the back bedroom and the batteries have gone dead in the one I kept there. I also hand them out for halloween, but the "they keep forever, they take up next to no space, and they eat nothing" convenience of having them tucked - literally - EVERYWHERE around the house, the barn, with every piece of camping gear, and the vehicles? That's why I'm bitter about being held to 3 only.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages tumadreconcaso

Makes me want to go to a rave party! Ok - it passed.


quality posts: 8 Private Messages imanotherstory

Ok, I did my part, bought 3, if they come in time for Halloween then AWESOME! If they don't....what 2 yr old does not like glow sticks year round?


quality posts: 23 Private Messages mattageddon

The streets can get pretty dark where I live, hopefully these come in time for Halloween so I can pass them out with the candy.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages eatsmnms

Just got mine today. Not only in time for Halloween, but also in time for this so called Frankenstorm. I can light up my whole house with these things!


quality posts: 1 Private Messages shannonsan

These "glow sticks" totally suck. They barely glow in a dark room while some year-old cheap glow stick from a party store are easily visible in a bright room. Skip 'em next time they come around.