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The Spy Who Mobi'd

Get your kid ready for a life of super secret spy missions with technological gadgets cleverly disguised as adorable toys! Exposing your little 007 to rubber ducky tub thermometers and hippo nite lites early on means he'll be a trained killing machine adept in the art of espionage in no time!
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Any reviews on the monitors, parents?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I bought the giraffe light on a previous woot. It is cute and seemed perfect at first to use in the night for breastfeeding, but after about a week of use the light would start fading out after being turned on, and a few days later would not turn on at all. It's also very top-heavy and would fall over at the lightest touch.

I also got the hippo bath thermometer and love it. Perfect for my husband to use when bathing baby, because he tends to run water very very hot so this keeps him from burning our little one!