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Ooo Baby Baby Baby (Baby)

For years now, pop songs have been singing about babies. But pop songs have also had to keep clean due to FCC regulations! So this sale combines the two things that made Top 40 great: babies and staying clean. Also there are some bubbles involved but we can just call that a remix. Go with it, okay?

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Some returning favorites - tell us all about Aveeno and Mr. Bubble!

(Also, am I the only one thinking those shower hooks are cute?)

I'm just hanging out, really.


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The flexi bath solved our 2.5yo son's fear of the drain and made bath time fun again. (I tried telling him only water and bubbles go down the drain, and showing him the Mr. Rogers episode with the song about "You can never go down the drain," but neither worked.) My son dubbed it his train bath, because he first played with it and the box it came in as a train. Bonus: We use less water.

We also have the potty training set in the Cars pattern. It helped re-ignite my son's interest in potty training, though we aren't there yet. He actually preferred the folding potty seat, but it is slippery and requires constant attention from a parent. After it slipped from under him when he got too wiggly, I hid it for travel only. He now uses the soft potty seat. The step stool sits in front of the potty but isn't quite high enough to actually allow him to get up without assistance, even though he is very tall for his age. I think it just makes him feel better to have it there.


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I have the lotion. Don't buy it. It is horrible. It has a horrible consistency, a bad smell, and leaves your hands feeling sticky. My workplace makes fun of it because texture, color, etc...resembles something that I am not going to mention on a kid's site. kwim?