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Here's the page where the instructions came from, and you can see the links for ordering replacement parts:

$89.99 Austin Pink, 4 stars, 3 reviews:

$159.99 Limited edition cherry, 4 stars, 9 reviews:

No reviews so far I can find for white rounded: $149.99

but there is video: White rounded

austin cherry


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I received the cherry one for my daughter's first birthday in February. It's pretty simple to put together and we are happy with it. It has a space between the lid and side so no pinched fingers and the hinge holds the door to whatever position you leave it, so it's not going to slam down on anyone's tiny head. We have a happy toddler who has been opening and closing it multiple times daily since then and the hinge is still going strong.



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We bought one similar to the pink one, although it's natural wood color. The back is made of such low quality wood that the hinge ended up breaking through after only a few month's use. We ended up purchasing a new hinge and installing it on the side, rather than the middle, so it has more support. But, we are still left with a slightly broken frame.


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does anyone know if this bench is okay for adults to sit on?


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masongoldman wrote:does anyone know if this bench is okay for adults to sit on?

We actually used our cherry one as additional seating for her birthday party and it was sat on by a pair of adults with no problem. I've also stood on it to hang a picture. It seems really sturdy to me but I probably wouldn't recommend buying it to be used specifically as a bench. Because it wasn't designed to be used in that way I imagine the wear and tear would get to it with time. A child sitting on it frequently or an adult sitting on it occasionally seems like it would be fine.