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R/C Now, Your/C Soon

Haven't you ever wondered who'd win in a race between a dinosaur and a killer whale? Of course you have. Of COURSE you have! There's only one way to find out if you don't want to violate Federal Wildlife Protection Laws: these R/C cars. Stock up and peel out.
Kid Galaxy official site


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R/C Robot - Circuit is my favorite! How about you? (Anyone have video of these in action?)

I'm just hanging out, really.


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Okay, Kharma shopping on these items. Show me your best main, Kids, home, or woot item, and I"ll be in for the samsung refurb, one of the RC cars, and whatever is else is awesome and in my price range. Show me awesome.


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20.00 @ Walmart.....



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Our son had the R/C School Bus as his first R/C toy. It's one tough cookie - it took a lot of abuse and it just kept on going. Very fun even for me!



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This guy sounds so excited about the robot, makes me wanna buy one.........