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Operation: Imminent Baby

What's worse than a Bigfoot driving a tank? A baby. And why is that? Because there's a chance you can stop a Bigfoot or a tank. A slim chance, sure, but better than the ZERO chance you have of stopping a baby from appearing when it's ready to be born. Gear up now and you won't have to struggle with where to put it later.

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So how do you choose between all the strollers?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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inkycatz wrote:So how do you choose between all the strollers?

The best way is to go somewhere like Babies R Us and test them out.

That said, we have the Graco FastAction Fold system, and we really like it. The car seat is user-friendly (in my opinion) and has great safety reviews. You do need to read the manual, though.

The stroller itself is great. It isn't too big folded up, but isn't too small unfolded. We found it to be one of the easiest to fold and unfold, and fast to boot. It doesn't have an adjustable push handle, so note that if you're very short or very tall.


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inkycatz wrote:So how do you choose between all the strollers?

Like bloodgain said. YOu should test drive the strollers at Babies R Us.

One quip some parents have with the Graco brand is the height of the handle bars. My husband is about 5'6" and he feels its too low.

If you like more height I say go with the Chico.

I have both the Graco travel system and Baby Jogger's City Mini.
I purchased my City Mini a couple of weeks before the Graco FastAction fold strollers came out. Don't know how compact it folds but the city mini is almost half the size of a folded Graco stroller. Down side its almost twice the price of a Graco and sacrificing half the storage space under the stroller where you place the giant diaper bag in.


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I've never seen a folding travel bed before - although I don't have kids, I can picture my friends with young children and how helpful something like that would have been when the little ones were infants. It's something that I'll keep in mind as a potential baby shower present!

However, I agree with the writer: why don't folding travel beds come in ADULT sizes?!?

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katzchenkitty wrote:
One quip some parents have with the Graco brand is the height of the handle bars. My husband is about 5'6" and he feels its too low.

I have found that it depends on the style of Graco. They seem to have too different heights on their strollers. My husband (6') and I (5'8") went to Babies R Us and test drove them. Some were definately TOO short - while others fit fine.


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We have the Graco Ready to Grow, a 2 year old and 1 year old (yes they're close in age lol) fit comfortably in this stroller... the older in the front and the younger facing us in the back.

The cool thing about this stroller is its configuration options.. when the baby gets bigger and toddler gets older, you can remove the baby rear facing seat in the back and the rear converts to a seat for taller children. Check with Babies R Us on their website or Graco's packaging, shows there are around 5 or so options for seating. Its a little bit long but every non-side-by-side stroller is long. Unfortunately the push handle is not adjustable but suits the wife and I just fine. We are of average height.

Its also not the lightest of double strollers (there are heavier) but we like that its narrow for trips to the mall or shopping. Also helps that the older doesnt torment the younger if she were sitting right next to her ... some of the plastic pieces are removable for comfort or travel as well. Hope this helps, we love ours


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I purchased the chico cortina stroller, along with carseat and base.. I have to say the stroller i absolutely love. Very nice one handed, fast open and close when u have the baby in your arms, not to mention good storage and removable tray so it is easy to clean. I recommend going to u tube and watching a video on it.. Between toys r us and u tube it helped me choose.


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Someone gifted us the square version of the activity gym and our 3 month old is actually starting to appreciate it now. $20 really is a good price point on this sort of toy, because babies transition from one stage to the next so quickly. We also have a Graco pack and play with a bassinet and I love it.


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I bought the Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym the last time it was offered as a side deal. I needed a replacement for the shabby, second-hand gym that we had that didn't fold up and fit so neatly into baby's closet.

I've been very happy with it, and better yet, so has baby. I only have a few minor complaints about it.

First, occasionally one or two of the leg supports will "pop" back into the twisted position. It's annoying, but doesn't appear to be of any danger to baby at all, so it's something I can live with.

Second, the little velcro ties that keep the whole thing neatly twisted up for storage could stand to be about an inch longer. It still works great, but the shortness of the ties makes it more of a two-hand operation...with a baby, it's really nice when things can be done with one hand.

Third, and sadly, my dog also really likes the gym. Unfortunately, he got a hold of the little mirror that comes with it. This is in no way Infantino's fault, but, after contacting the company, I was extremely disappointed to find that there is no way to get a replacement piece.