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Melissa & Doug Floor Puzzle Bundle

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We have the Solar System puzzle and my four year old loves it. High quality, heavy duty, puzzle for toddlers and young children. A lot to learn by studying the puzzle (rings, moons, etc.).


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"Hey Billy, what's the biggest thing in the solar system?"

"The moon."



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warflea wrote:"Hey Billy, what's the biggest thing in the solar system?"

"The moon."


Think of it as an opportunity to teach him about perspective.

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Looks like a great set. You can get this, and follow election night with a red and blue wipe off marker!!!!!

Wouldn't that be cool????


quality posts: 27 Private Messages Ninkumpoop
warflea wrote:"Hey Billy, what's the biggest thing in the solar system?"

"The moon."


Love it. Heard this at least 10 times while studying the puzzle.


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Woot, you forgot the part where the planetary board came back and said, "pluto is larger than we doubted it to be."

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I got the solar system and a dinosaur puzzle for 12.99 on sale before Christmas last year. They are sturdier than a regular puzzle but I dont really think they are worth 30 bucks. The pieces are much larger than a regular puzzle and maybe its just because I have two boys but I had to glue a lot of the pictures back on because they peeled off the cardboard backing, so that was annoying.



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Alaska (and Hawaii) is in the wrong place. Were these made by some disgruntled Russian Nationalist? Is that why these are on Woot?