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Chicco Cortina Stroller

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Sister in law bought another color of this model and enjoys it. She, for whatever reason, bought almost all Chicco stuff so she's a fan of the brand.

It's a solid stroller, but HEAVY, so understand what you're getting into. On of the reasons it is heavy is because it is solid. It gets daily use and still looks good. Another good quality of it is adequate storage space under the seat. Too many of the strollers these days have this small pocket.

At this price, probably worth it, although I'm currently shopping for one of the travel system variety.

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My wife and I also got this stroller. We actually got the travel kit that comes with the carseat and base.. just different colors.

I will say that I have been highly impressed with it.

Yes it is slightly bulky, but seems very sturdy and the one thing I love most about it is how freaking smooth it glides. I can bust that thing into 360s at the stop of a dime. Also its just as smooth over grass/rubble.

Highly recommend this. Definitely for the price.


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We have this stroller and I think it's fantastic. It pushes like a dream, it folds into an upright position (which I *love*), and it's easy to use.
That being said, it seems the chair part for the kid (being adjustable from flat to upright) isn't as upright as my daughter wanted. It leans slightly back into a relaxed position, so my daughter was always just leaning forward instead of resting against the back. Still a baller stroller, though.


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We bought the travel system Chico which includes the same stroller as here.
Pros: Easy to fold, not too heavy, rolls easily, lots of storage. Can be a high mileage stroller.
Cons: After 2 years, the folding mechanism at the handle stopped working. We had to close and open it by releasing something on the side of the stroller. It was something we figured out, but this made it difficult to pass along and/or resell.


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Don't buy this with the hope of reselling it for anywhere near what you paid when you're done with it. There are so many of these on craigslist that I couldn't even get $20 for it, and ended up donating it instead.

Buy this if you want a very user friendly, comfortable for your kid, smooth riding, easy handling, sleek looking stroller. Another commenter mentioned that it's heavy, but it's nowhere near as heavy as any other full sized stroller I've owned. You have to expect it to be heavy, just as a smooth riding Cadillac is heavy, but it's nowhere near as heavy as some Evenflo strollers I've had.


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I have this stroller (different color) and it is awesome. It has been through 2 kids with a LOT of use and still works perfectly. Also, I'm tall (5' 11") so it was important to me to have an adjustable handle that raised up high enough for my height. This stroller is one of the best on the market for that. This is a great deal.