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Ginsey Potty Training (4-Piece Set)

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um.. hinges.... near a squirmy pooper in training.. I'll pass, I clean enough poop out of cracks as it is.


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I got the cars set last time. It's okay at this price, but I wouldn't pay a dime more & we still use our old seat. The only really useful thing is the stool, but I had several before. I *thought* my 2 1/2 yr old would love it, but he doesn't. He prefers the one we had before. My 5 yr old has some toilet phobia & does NOT want to set on any regular seat, he wants a donut on it, so I thought the travel one would be good for him. It's way too unstable one very toilet we've tried. He is better off without it & it's so unstable I won't even try my 2 yr old on it. It felt like it might fall off or fold up at any moment the times we've tried it out & I end up removing it each time before he actually goes. I personally wouldn't purchase it again, but that's me. I already have a donut like I said & a stool, so I was mostly hoping the folding seat would be good & it would be a bonus donut for our 2nd bathroom & matching stool...but we just don't even use it due to my kid's preference, which is a simple handleless cushie tushie seat that sets more stable on our toilet. Go figure.

(sorry - came back to fix my horrid typos - LOL)

spending my kid's college funds one woot off at a time


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I bought the Sesame Street one for the kiddo last time. I like the donut seat (works as well as any of them), and the stepstool. I too bought this mainly for the folding seat, but after two attempts with it, I've realized it's safer without it. It pinched kiddos finger, it doesn't sit on most potties properly, and it seems about to fall off at any minute. The hanger for the seat is okay for me to use, but kiddo has a hard time getting it off.


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When i first saw this title, i thought it said "Ginsu", and was horrified, thinking that that was not a place i'd want to incorporate a ginsu!! Too dangerous!!!

Then i re-read it, and realized my mistake and was relieved. (Yes, pun intended!!!! hahahaha)

Then i read the reviews above and realized "Ginsu" was potentionally a more fitting description.


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I have a different version of the folding seat and it was great for when we were out and about and my son was too little to stand in front of a toilet without touching it. We sent one over to the grandparent's, too, so they would have a seat that didn't take up a whole lot of space at their house. I've also had a different version of the donut potty seat and wouldn't recommend it... after a while of use, the plastic cover cracked and I had to end up taping it. Then it was uncomfortable for my son. I ended up throwing it away and used the folding seat exclusively. When positioned properly, the folding seat was very sturdy and I had no worries of my son falling or getting pinched. (keep in mind, the folding seat is intending for 'travel' so you're more than likely going to be nearby anyway and wouldn't have to worry about a kid falling off.)


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We had the folding potty seat for our daughter. Used it twice and then it cracked while she was on it...and she only weighed 24 pounds so it wasn't like we used it for too long...and it sliced her hiney. Not badly enough for stitches, but badly enough that it hurt her to sit for about a week. So, instead of being a confidence builder "Hey, look! Not falling in!!" we had a petrified kid every time she went near a toilet. "Hope my butt doesn't get shredded this time!!" Not exactly what we were going for.


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We had the folding potty seat for my son. He got pinched with it the first time and wouldn't let me even get it out after that.

As for the stools, you can get them for about $5 at IKEA with no characters, but they aren't even tall enough for a 3yo to reach the sink to wash hands anyway.


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I love Ginsey!


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Not gonna lie.

Full set wasn't available at Target. (No weird plastic fold-y thing or extra stepstool for us.)

Settled on getting the seat-only acommodation.

Wish we'd had everything shown.

Couldn't afford everything shown at the time.

Son is potty trained now, so it's not on my "must have" list.

Not a terrible deal, but the potty seat needs to be cleaned after every "incident" so that it doesn't get grungy between the cushion and the base.