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Come On Down To Wacky Woot's RC Cars!

I've got some real gems on this lot, my friend, some real doozies just waitin' to be driven home by a youngster such as yourself. Tell me, you like fast remote-controlled cars? You like 'em so fast your mom will yell at you for playing with them in the house? Excellent! Now let's head right past the wiggly inflato-guy and talk about financing...

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  • (9:23 AM, 9/13/2012) alianthias has a need for speed.


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Well, I don't think this deal is just for kids. We've got a long row to race things down in this office, and I bet a lot of you have similar. Which car is your favorite?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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This deal looks good to me. However I know little to nothing about R/C cars. Would like to pick one up to mess with my dogs with. What is the speed on one of these things?


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If I could spend the money, I'd buy the convertible and fill it up with cracked corn and run it around the inside of the chicken pen. Now THAT would be funny!


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Here's an unboxing video of the Nissan Fairlady Z GT500 1:10 Scale:

I don't know what or who "The Maya Group" is (probably a reseller) as these cars are all from Meijiaxin Toys Co. (or MJX; http://www.mjxtoys.com/products-rc-car.asp?classtype=LICENSED%20R/C%20CAR and http://www.mjxtoys.com/products-rc-car.asp?classtype=LICENSED%20R/C%20CAR&smallclass=FERRARI).

-the purring dork


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I found a two star review of a different car by the same manufacturer on Amazon.

The 5 star reviews I saw are obvious plants.

Even with that review, it looks like a decent deal at this price.


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Took me a little to figure this out:

The battery included variety is reviewed on Amazon and gets decent reviews (even if some are plants):

What is being sold here is NOT the battery included variety and considering that amazon has free shipping, you can get 1 from amazon for less, or three here for less:


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AAAAAAHHHHH Woot!!! I was gonna go to the bank today! Bring these back please, luv these!


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Well keep figuring cuz those arent the same ones.The ones your comparing are 1/20 scale and the ones Woot has is 1/10 scale which is a way better deal!