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Poll: How do your kids feel about school now?
  • 12.3% - My kids are happy to have started. It’s their first year! 47
  • 36.2% - My kids are old pros. They’re happy to be back with their friends. 138
  • 26% - My kids aren’t so happy, but they’re doing it. 99
  • 8.1% - My kids are enjoying their last year. Next summer: their own apartment at last! 31
  • 17.3% - I have a longer answer I’ll put in the comments. 66
381 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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We home school year round (with mini 1-2 week breaks for fun trips and such). They're rocking it.


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My kids are a combo of the first two choices (so many of Woot's polls trip me up when I have to choose one answer when I want to pick several. Why must you make me choose, Woot? Let me pick two, please???). My daughter started 2nd and my son started Kindergarten. They're two weeks into the new school year already and are loving it.

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Daughter is only 11 months, so not an issue yet.


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They start today. We will find out how it goes.


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We homeschool year-round but with a lighter load in the summer. Fall means the return of sports and scouts and Wednesday Church so we're all pretty excited about that. The kids are semi-excited to see what classes they'll be blowing through this year.


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Last year of no school for ours, next year that's it. School time.

We still do school like stuff at home tho.


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My youngest started his first year of middle school two weeks ago and it has been an adjustment for him. He has always liked school before, but the dynamic of cliques and dealing with d-heads has really ratcheted up a few notches.


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"Kids." Plural. Every answer but the last one was plural. So much for population control.

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One is a new dad now himself and glad to be out making lots of money. The other is now a teacher, so I guess she likes it a lot.


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No kids, all grown up...


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One kid. Still at home. Wish he was old enough for school.

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First year. Was excited, then less excited, now fine.

But good lord do they have days off aplenty. First week was three days (preschool here is a four-day week, off Wednesdays). Second week was a full four days. This week is TWO DAYS. Next week is 3.

If only adults got the same schedule, huh?


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My boys (12 & 10) are good students, but we've had issues with cliques & bullies so they prefer our fun, pressure-free summer activities.


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The selectable answers are always discriminatory against people w/o kids.



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First year of home-school, I am a wreck. 4 year old LOVES it.