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Art 101 Artist Kits

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4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Common complaints revolve around markers that quickly dry out and oil pastels that are more like waxy crayons:

Amazon 142-piece linky


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Prior Woots discussed it being a good beginner set for little ones, but that markers do dry out quicklly. That being said, we are on the five year old birthday circuit this year. In for 3. Scissors and ruler will make this a cool gift!


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My wife and I do "Toys for Tots" every year, and we try very hard to find 'toys' that require creativity, and most importantly don't require other consumables that would cost a family more money (e.g. no batteries, no television hook-up, no replacement cartridges). Art kits are perfect for this -- except for some paper, everything a child could need is in the box. With WOOT, the price is right -- we have 3 kits coming as a start to this year's donation lot.


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Should have had more of the 115 piece set. It is already gone and I don't want the other one. Bummer!


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Forget kids. I want one! At least its the first of the month.