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Mobi TykeLight Bundle

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In for one. My son has been wanting a new nightlight that 'looks cool' since his sister bought a butterfly battery operated one. I like that they'll work in a power outage, and that's there's two. The fact that they're cool to the touch is an added bonus, even though both of my kids are old enough to know better than to touch light bulbs. Haven't bought anything other than shirts this go round, so thanks, Woot!

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Bought one of these in a dinosaur shape from Zulily (just the single unit in the base; not the wall unit). It broke and Zulily refunded my money but couldn't replace it. I bought one on Ebay for around $25 b/c my grandson can't sleep without it. Going to get this as a backup and use the plug in one at my house. Great deal!


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Can anyone give me an idea of how bright these are?


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Reviews I found around the internet said it didn't last long and stopped working after a few months? Anyone have any experience with it?


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I bought this package the last time it was on woot and I love it! They are pretty darn bright illuminating the room enough that I could even change my baby's diaper without turning on the lamp. The fact that the free standing unit is cool to the touch is great and my baby is mesmerized by it and likes to try and touch it. The nightlight I have plugged into the hallway and it is a bright glow but nothing that hurts your eyes when waking up.


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I purchased one a while back on Woot. Gave it to the kiddo for Christmas. So far so good. She loves that thing. It is not terribly bright but does illuminate her bed quite a bit.


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lnljuly wrote:Can anyone give me an idea of how bright these are?

They are bright enough to not break your neck on toys that didn't Getty picked up but not bright enough to hinder sleep. My plug in wall night light is brighter. I've also noticed that the blue and green lights seem to make a larger area of light than the other colors.


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I Bet on Sky


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miken927 wrote:Mobi?


I'm just hanging out, really.


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Shhh... nobody tell my husband that I just ordered another. I LOVE these. I've not tried the mobi wall unit, but I'm thinking it will replace my too bright blue one. And now I won't have any worries about the monkey continuing to play all-boy style with the one we currently have.


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Got mine today and the red mode on the wall night light doesn't work. Going to email customer service now.

Edited to Add: Heard back from them this morning and they are putting in an order to send me a replacement. Hopefully, they actually still have some hanging around to send. As always, Woot's Customer Service is quick and friendly.

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