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I LOVE Tabletop/Roleplaying games!
What are some of your guys favorites?

To start off here is a list of mine:


Space Hulk

Last Night on Earth (excellent zombie game)

Descent: Journeys into the Dark

Settlers of Catan

Super Dungeon Explore (plays kinda like Wow?)


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When I was a kid, this type of game was dominated by a company named Avalon/Hill, who focused on WWII simulations and political/business strategy games. Later came Starfleet Battles and Dungeons & Dragons.

My problem was finding an opponent willing to take the time to learn the rules. I lived in a rural community, and these games can be intimidating to people who consider checkers "high strategy."


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Total Catan fan here!

I hear good things about Pandemic.

And of course, Cards Against Humanity.

I'm just hanging out, really.