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Poll: How big a factor is school district in where you choose to live?
  • 48.5% - A huge factor. What’s more important than my child’s education? 295
  • 14.6% - I didn’t choose to live here. It chose me. 89
  • 26.2% - Unfortunately, cost of living is the biggest factor. 159
  • 6.6% - School is school. As long as they’re going, it doesn’t matter. 40
  • 4.1% - Let’s take this conversation to the comments section. 25
608 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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Boarding schools exist for a reason.


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Two Words: Home School


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IDisposable wrote:Two Words: Home School



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IDisposable wrote:Two Words: Home School


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IDisposable wrote:Two Words: Home School

Thats what we do.


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I used to homeschool, so the school district wasn't an issue at all.

Now I'm a single mom, and can't homeschool. I also have a child with a severe learning disability. We live in the town with the best program for her LD, and it's a great school system for my younger 2 daughters, too. We live in a tiny house in order to afford to have my kids in this awesome school district, but it's worth it.


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My job is in this town, so that's why I live where I do. My daughter goes to the public school. I have absolutely no desire to home-school and any private schools are religious based and 10+ miles away. Living in a small town, there aren't the opportunities that bigger schools offer, but the trade-off is small class size. There are less than 35 kids in my daughters grade and they divide them between 2 classes. The small towns in this area really should consolidate schools. We already consolidate on most sports and they did a consolidation study several years ago, so I'm not sure what the hold-up is.


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IDisposable wrote:Two Words: Home School

Looks like quite a few of us fall into this category.

I have LD kids and I'm LD myself so I can usually tell when they are faking a difficulty or really having trouble.

Better for one on one time and help whenever they need it, and the public schools here just aren't up to the task.


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We bought our house partly based on the schools here. However, the actual system in our town is so funky. Our "resides" school is one of the best in town, but there was only a 40% chance that our first child would get into that school. We had to pick 4 options, 2 from a list of close, good schools and 2 from a list of underscoring schools in distant parts of the city. Thankfully, we got the "resides" school, but that's never a guarantee here. (Home school has never been an option for me.)


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A strong school district is what buoys your home value. Regardless of if you have kids or not, shoot for the nice district.


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We keep looking at moving. We have a very nice public charter school here and it's a perfect solution (or near enough to) until 7th grade when all the options evaporate. The first thing I ask when we consider a new town is where are the good schools, then the jobs, how far are they, then recycling and public transit. Yeah, we are still here. . . we have a few more years Ver1 is only a 2nd grader.

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You can call me Goddess, that's fine.


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Also a home schooler. The district was a minor factor as my kids started High School in public school.


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We also home school. The biggest factor in purchasing our house was the price. The convenient location to major roads was also a huge factor because my husband has to drive all over to job sites. The high school district is decent, but the quality of education in Florida is so low, that doesn't really say much.

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IDisposable wrote:Two Words: Home School

This :-)


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Within our school district you can transfer your kid to any school you want - they don't have to go to your neighborhood one. But it doesn't matter for us since we homeschool. Additionally we also own another house in another (better) school district so that our kids can go to a school in that one if we want them to.