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Poll: Do you let your kids name the family pet?
  • 27.8% - Of course. And they did a pretty good job. 123
  • 25.1% - No. I refused to call my dog “Poopy Magoo.” 111
  • 14.9% - Um, have you met our cat, “Bicycle”? 66
  • 29.8% - I gave them acceptable options to choose from. 132
  • 2.5% - Yes, and I’ll tell you the name in the comments. 11
443 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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Some names chosen by the kids over the years. (Dogs)Irie, Scout, Paige, Kelsie, Ollie, Amy, Sophie, Daisy, (Cat) Melody (Mel Mel) (Ferret) Prudence (Bird) Pretty Boy Blue. Then there are the fish, box turtles, ducks, chickens, tadpoles, dragons, etc, etc, etc.


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White Shih-tzu named Noodle and black Shih-tzu named Waffle.

Kids were 17 and 10 at the time.


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umm what pets?

Paper Napkins on the Edge of Insanity

You can call me Goddess, that's fine.


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Really shouldn't have let Troy name the pet "Annie's Boobs".

In practicality, name your pet something rude so when you yell an obscenity when you are angry, they end up coming to you instead of running away.


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No kids.
My first dog was Lucy.
We now have Zipper and Noodles.
She named the first, me the second.


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My daughter named her dog Aggie after the Texas A&M mascot. That is where she had been accepted and wanted to go to college. Then Texas State sent her acceptance, and Alex went there. Her boyfriend kept telling her to name the dog Bob Cat after the TXSTATE mascot, but Aggie it still is.


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I let my daughter name the pets. She named the fish Sally, Preston, Mac, and Goldie. Only Mac and Goldie are still alive. She named the dog Lily. The dog had been named Brittany when we got her, but there was no way I was going to keep that name. Our cat came already named Lincoln, and she decided to leave it that.


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My son got a cat when he was 5. He named it Cleo.

I actually ask his advice on names any time we need a name for something- a game character, story character etc.


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Our cat is Sylvia and my then 7 year old named her. She was his rescue cat so he chose the name. It suits her too! He even gave her a middle name. Sylvia Misty


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Our half-poodle/half-chihuahua - Chopper Dale Alexander

Our terrier of some kind - Ty Chibbi Speers-Alexander

Our German Shepard mix - Abby Gail Alexander

Our 8 week old Pit/Boxer mix - Dexter Pooppy Alexander

Our Russian Blue Cat - Nala "The Queen B" Alexander

With the exception of Chopper, all our babies are rescues. This is what happens when a mother starts going through "empty nest" syndrome before the kids move out .... alas my oldest moved out 2 weeks ago and my youngest has 2 years to go. No telling home may we will have by then lol


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In our house, so far, the pets essentially are the kids. I only wish I could have chosen the names to more of our pets.


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We adopted a dog from the SPCA. His name was Boomer. Our kiddo extended it to Boomerang - said that way he would always come back. Awww...


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My cat earned the name "Stinky". Found him when he was a kitten downtown on Halloween night about 8 years ago. Poor guy had an intesinal virus that took about 2 weeks to clear up but since then he was forever known as Stinky


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How about we murdered out pets years ago?


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We had unnamed fish and gerbils when the kids were kids.
We ended up with a rat named Splinter and a cat named Scratchy.
The cat named Scratchy lived with his friends cat in college, named Itchy.

Maybe I should have had him watch less TV.

No greater love is lost than that not shared.


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I believe in my child. My pet's name is Bobo. He named a good name.


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When I was little I found a small orange kitten who grew into a huge cat. I called it Muffy and that stuck even after we found out he was a boy.

My friend's son named his cat John when he was about four or so.