Hey everybody! Hope you had a great Independence Day with friends, family, and throngs of sweaty strangers invading your personal space in competition for the best seats at the fireworks show. And if you did happen to brave the heat and crowds, I hope you were rewarded with a grand display rather than the biggest fireworks show fail in recent history. Sorry San Diego. If it makes you feel better, those 15 seconds were very ... loud.

It was my son's first 4th of July, and at 8 months old I had no idea how he would react. Sheer terror? Extraordinary delight? Total apathy? Turns out it was more like, "Huh. There's something shiny in the sky. That's nice. Think I'll go to sleep now." He basically slept through it all, which I suppose is better than screaming or trembling in fear. But there's always next year!

I was bummed for my friends and family back home to hear that fireworks were completely banned due to the extremely hot temperatures and lack of rain. But safety first, I guess. A massive city-wide fire would probably put a damper on the celebration.

How was your 4th of July? Did you venture out with your little ones to see a big fireworks show, or was your night a little more low-key?

Photo by Flickr member bayasaa, used under a Creative Commons License.