It's Keep America Weird Week on Woot, where we're honoring the 50 Greatest American Weirdos. As parents, you know that kids come up with some pretty weird stuff sometimes. So in that spirit, let's revisit some of the weirdest/funniest kids on YouTube. Some old and some new. Some classics, and hopefully some you're seeing for the first time. Got any to share that we didn't include here? Post a link in the comments!


#1: Kid Falls Asleep While Eating Corn

Playing all day is hard. Eating corn while half asleep is harder (and hilarious).


#2: Quadruplets Laughing

One baby laughing is adorable. Two babies laughing is even better. A bunch of babies laughing simultaneously borders on creepy.


#3: Evil Eye Baby

Look at him. Plotting your demise and then laughing maniacally. Watch out for this one. He has an evil scheme to take over the world!


#4: Baby Sneeze Fart

Oh don't act so high and mighty. You know you've done it before.


#5: Ninja Baby

So stealthy. So mysterious. So ... WEIRD.


#6: Mommy's Nose is Scary

Tell me about it, kid. If you saw some of the terrible things that come out of there, you wouldn't be laughing.


#7: Knock Knock ...

Poor kid. Just trying to contribute to the conversation. But something tells me it wasn't the last time he got that kind of reaction from a girl.


#8: I'm Gonna Kick His Ask

Don't ever have to worry about this little girl. She can take care of herself!


#9: Chubby Baby On Tile

Ok, so this one is clearly not from America. But it was too good not to include. Can't. Look. Away.


#10: Little Girl With Squirrel

You know that awkward/sad conversation about death you dread ever having with your child? Yeah, that's not going to be a problem for this one.