We blogged about kids' stuff over on Woot before Kids.Woot was even a twinkle in a business analyst's eye. Here are three such posts that we've had laying around for a while, so why not get a little more use out of them, right?

Barbie: Voyage to Rados
: we take a look at a bizarre (but real!) Barbie tie-in book that involves interplanetary prejudice, apocalyptic drought, and healing sequins. Think Dune with more pink.

The Sesame Street History of Rock n Roll, Part 1 and Part 2
: "You didn't just learn letters, numbers, and the occasional bit of Spanish from Sesame Street. You also learned about rock 'n' roll." Two posts featuring Muppified parodies of the Beatles, Cyndi Lauper, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Barry White, Billy Idol and more.


10 Great Playmobil Toys
: When Playmobil founder Hans Beck died in 2009, we saluted ten of the weirdest and most wonderful products from that company's illustrious line. Ghost pirates, Egyptian families, fancy pianists, and Cossack warriors all show up in adorable plastic form.

Share your Playmobil, Sesame Street, and Intergalactic Barbie reminiscences below!