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I have just bought A camera from you guys today around 7:00am on 10/6/05 for my moms birthday. But when I called my brother to tell him I ordered one he told me he picked up one last night. Is there anyway to cancel this order???


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please help me out. I really dont want to spend money on a gift that some one eless got already.


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If you can't cancel it (and you probably can't) then you could consider wootswap...

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Most of the stuff sold here is such a good deal you will probably find a very easy time selling it on eBay - and make money too.

If you're talking about the Vivitar 8MP digicam, that woot sold out in a few hours - so you're likely to have buyers waiting in line to snatch it up.


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Whet is the cancellation policy?


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kiki11 wrote:Whet is the cancellation policy?

The Woot FAQ should help you.

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