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ThunderThighs wrote:

Settle down. All I asked was "Does the name Quasimodo ring a bell?"


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ThunderThighs wrote:

A guy sure could have a fun time in Vegas with all this loot.


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Well, I ended up busy with a couple other fires in the pan during the Woot-off but I did have time to keep up on these comics for laughs, chuckles and guffaws.

My favorite two were:


Arrr. Do you realize what this means....

Now the entire crew can play Pretty Pretty Princess.



Tell me how my coat looks like a throw pillow again, I DARE YE!

All were wonderful. I hope y'all had fun!

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(ah, memories of MST3k CAPTION THIS! on scifi.com back in the 90s)

ThunderThighs wrote:

Look Timmy, if Lassie was on this boat, she'd surely be in the cook's pot by now, so let's hear no more about it.

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ThunderThighs wrote:

(center fellow says) Pardon me, but I think the tailor sent you the wrong size shirt. You seem to be stretched like a bow-string.

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