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OK... I found the jelly bean in my kids ear... now will this thing get it out? Is there a drill or laser attachment available?


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EDIT: It appears it was offered at that price at one time, however is no longer available.

LMAO I haven't seen that image before. Got a good laugh out of it! Thank you.


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Gotta chime in here, folks...
Yes, I am a pediatrician.
This is not a bad device, and you are not likely to be able to get in far enough to perforate your kids eardrum, but do be careful! (Ear canals are really sensitive, and easy to scratch)
As noted above, a diagnosis of an acute ear infection that needs antibiotics should be made by someone who knows what they are looking at (e.g. a medical professional). The diagnosis depends on seeing PUS behind the eardrum - not a red eardrum, not clear fluid behind it, but the yucky thick white stuff that indicates an active infection with bacteria. Lots of ear infections are viral, and lots of ears can hurt without the presence of pus.
There are new evidence-based guidelines that recently came out regarding prescribing antibiotics, and in general antibiotics are way overused for "ear infections".
That all said - if you see a red drum, it's likely ok to watch it (unless your child is acting really sick, then ALWAYS get thee to a medical provider, please).
If you see pus, (note the lovely picture of a bulging ear drum someone posted above), your child *may* warrant antibiotics, but may also warrant watchful waiting or a "just in case" prescription.
If you see drainage from a perforation, your kid needs antibiotics. (But don't panic - ear drums nearly always heal beautifully, and it does not mean that you waited too long... sometimes it just happens, and it might happen fast).

I've got the super expensive one that I've had since med school, and I'm still considering this! The battery alone for my real one is nearly as expensive as one of these...

happy WOOTing!


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I'm considering getting the 4th gen because it's got bigger optics.:

I know it's twice the cost, but it does come with a cheap case and the optics may be worth it unless someone knows something I don't.


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For those who are bummed about missing this deal, like me, you can go to the Dr. Mom website and buy for a little more (it is on sale) PLUS you get a hard case with it and FREE shipping!


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codman915 wrote:Wondering how many bloodied ear canals and perforated tms were gonna see from untrained people looking into the ears of a squirming toddler. Again. Poor idea

Funny, I seem to be able to use it on my kids just fine, without an MD, DO, or even a masters degree. I wouldn't recommend it if you have severe Parkinson's, but otherwise this is a great tool for any parent. Again, no problems here. I guess us lowly peons get lucky.


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I bought if for my Dad (he is a family practice physician). He often calls me just to tell me how much he loves it!

He says it's better than the one that he bought for $100 5 years ago!