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Dpumpkin wrote:What do you base this information on?

Stuff I've read and stored in my brain. I'll get some links, though,,8599,1869095,00.html (there is a study that failed to replicate an airborne reaction, but I cannot find it and can't acess academic journals from home)

Death rate for anaphalaxis in US, 500-1000 fatalities per year
Asthma death rate is 3,300 direct and 7,000 where it contributed to the death


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Dpumpkin wrote:Hey my kid has peanut allergy and if you visited us at our house, you'd realize we're not that clean!

Same here! (except it's me and not a child) I prefer my house to look "lived in" as opposed to "Museum-like". Creeps me out.

And to they guy Dpumpkin was replying to: I think it's pretty common knowledge now not to over sanitize things because it becomes less effective (less of a reaction, even?) over time. Just because we have allergies does not mean we are stupid or brought it on ourselves. Majority of people are just born with it!

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Geethatsgr8 wrote:I always feel worse for those kids who are allergic to the sun. Now THAT is some serious S#%t. Reminds me of that movie with Nicole Kidman (drawing a blank on the title) where the kids have to have the curtains drawn before entering a room. But I guess peanuts can be pretty dangerous, too. Unless it's the Charles Shulz kind, that is.

The Others. Good movie.