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Just Scary Enough: 5 Mildly Frightening Movies for the Tiny and the Timid

by Jason Toon

What do you show a younger child who wants to join in the fun of watching scary movies at Halloween - or even a kid a few years older who just can't handle too much creepiness without having nightmares? (Personally, I saw The Exorcist way too young.) These five movies - roughly listed from least to most scary - won't make any horror connoisseur's list of essentials. But they should provide enough chills to help kids get into the Halloween spirit without traumatizing them for years afterward. (DISCLAIMER: you know your kids better than I do! Judge wisely...)

The Wizard of Oz
: Maybe not what you think of when you think "scary movie". But the standard Halloween witch image - a green-skinned, hook-nosed, broom-flying crone in a pointy black hat - wouldn't be the same without Margaret Hamilton's Wicked Witch of the West. Throw in the flying monkeys, the apple-throwing trees, and the cyclone itself, and you've got an ideal "horror" movie for the kindergarten set.

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