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Tuesday, July 03

Tot Sauce: Keepin' it Weird

by Amy Nance

It's Keep America Weird Week on Woot, where we're honoring the 50 Greatest American Weirdos. As parents, you know that kids come up with some pretty weird stuff sometimes. So in that spirit, let's revisit some of the weirdest/funniest kids on YouTube. Some old and some new. Some classics, and hopefully some you're seeing for the first time. Got any to share that we didn't include here? Post a link in the comments!


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Friday, June 01

Tot Sauce: Breeders

by Amy Nance

Did you see the story in the news about the father and his three-year-old son who were kicked off the Alaska Airlines flight because the boy refused to stay seated with his belt fastened? Naturally, all the parents were up in arms about it and all the non-parents were applauding Alaska. Here's my opinion: if you can't control your child, you can't expect others to be understanding about it. I think Alaska did the right thing.

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Wednesday, May 30

Tot Sauce: Age of the Playdate

by Amy Nance

Photo by Flickr member tiarescott, used under a Creative Commons License.

Last night, another mom in my apartment building posted this note on the community board:

"We have a 17mo old who loves meeting and greeting people and pets in the building, you may have already met him in the courtyard, elevators, or getting the mail. If you have a toddler or baby who likes to get out and move, we'd like to set up a playdate."

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