Tuesday, March 26

Tot Sauce: In and Out

by Amy Nance

I do my best not to pass judgment on anyone, especially other parents because I know how physically and emotionally taxing it can be at times. That being said, I am human, and when I see things like this story of a mother who left her sleeping infant inside the car while she shopped, I find myself saying, "What the heck was she thinking?" I'm the kind of person who won't even leave my dog tied up outside while I'm in a store or a restaurant.

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Tuesday, January 29

Tot Sauce: And We're Back

by Amy Nance

Hey everyone! It's been awhile. Lots of new things going on in this neck of the woods. My son officially transitioned from the infant to the toddler room at daycare. Big, exciting stuff, I tell ya. He's 15 months old and into everything. Still not saying a word, though. Well, nothing intelligible at least. There may have been a "dog" once or twice, but not sure. I think he might also be trying to say, "bye bye."

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