Tuesday, June 03

Truth Bombs For New Moms

by Amy Nance

In case you haven't noticed, it's Baby Shower Week at Kids.Woot! We're offering up all the gizmos and gadgets that new moms want for their adorable little bundles of snot, poop and spit-up. From diaper bags to sleep sacks and everything in between, you can buy it all for yourself of your favorite mom-to-be. 

What you won't find in our endless array of kid wares is answers. Answers to the burning questions new moms may be too afraid to ask, or the ones no one wants to own up to because they've buried the memories deep, deep down inside.

We believe in brutal truth here at Woot, so we've gathered some of our favorite new-mom questions and asked our seasoned veterans for their honest opinions. You ready? Be sure. Because after you read these, life will never be the same. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 


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