Zoobies Blanket Pet PLUS Mini - 5 Choices

by wootbot

Grow Up

Zoobies sounds a whole lot like Boobies, but that's where the similarity ends.

I guess if we were marketing these plush toy/pillow/fleece blanket combos to 13-year-old boys, Boobies would be a better name. But we're not. So we'll just stick with the name Zoobies to describe these cute and cuddly creatures.

OK, I know what you're thinking. If you're talking about cute and cuddly "creatures," the word Boobies still kinda works. But seriously. Let's just be a little more mature about this, shall we?

Let me ask you this. Would you describe Boobies as "super-soft" and "comfy pillows" you can rest your head on? Of course not. And would you ever claim that Boobies offer the "ultimate in squishability"? I didn't think so.

So to recap, we're just going to keep calling these adorable bedtime buddies Zoobies because it just makes more sense. Agreed? Agreed.