Zapi Luxe Toothbrush & UV Sanitizer

by wootbot

The Art Of Fighting Germs

There’s always one black sheep in the family. Or ninja. Something like that.

Some toothbrush sanitizers spend their whole lives happily cleansing brush after brush without a care in the world, like our Zapi friends here. Look at the broad smiles on their playful egg-shaped bodies. They like nothing more than zapping away 99.9% of germs and bacteria with their built-in Violife UV technology. It’s what they were built to do and, boy, do they enjoy their work.

And then there are those sanitizers that lurk in the shadows, those who have decided not to sit idly by as germs, viruses, and other nasties flourish on the tip of your toothbrush. Those sanitizers are of the Hi-Ya Zapi Clan, a clan of ninja so stealthy, so mysterious in their ways that I may, in fact, be making up their back story completely. Much like their grinning brothers, they also clean your brush in mere minutes and include a removable drip cup for easy cleaning, but they do not enjoy their task. It is simply what they do.

So choose carefully, young ones. Which do you prefer? The bright and shining faces of germ zapping joy, or the silent but deadly, bacteria-eradicating ways of the ninja?