YummiGo Booster Seat & Storage 2 Colors

by wootbot

Yo Ho Ho

Yarr! Before ye sail the seven seas, make sure ye wee one be boosted!

'Tis I, the dreaded freebooter Francis Von Snobbypants! Yarrr! And here's me boy, young Marion. Ain't he adorable? One day, he'll take me place as the toughest sailor in all the oceans of the world. But today? Today he's in need of a booster seat if he wants to see me pillage and keelhaul.

See this YummiGo Booster Seat? It's perfect for me boy, and possibly for ye children as well. Look at how secure that belt be! Why, we could face the Kraken and it would still hold tight! Yarrr! Not since I faced the tyrant Governor of Tortuga have I seen something so unwilling to let go!

'Course, it's easy to clean as well, and the non-stain fabric's a big plus in my line of work. Did I ever tell ye about the time I fought a ghost walrus near the magnetic pole? Yarrr, such slobber! And yet, the YummiGo Booster cleaned up just fine, and me boy with it.

One day, the world will be terrified of the name Marion Von Snobbypants. But today, he still needs a booster seat! But don't you worry, me son. Ye'll rise up faster than a summer storm off the coast of Barbados.