Your Choice: Discover with Dr. Cool Bundles

by wootbot

Hard Habit to Break


"I get my rocks and gold nuggets from Dr. Cool. I like to break them and watch the pretty colors... the shiny metal..."

So says "Timmy," an 8-year-old who looks like, at first, any other kid. But "Timmy" is obsessed with "breaking rocks," or "panning for gold," two terrifying new crazes exploding among America's children. Enslaved by pushers like the so-called "Dr. Cool," these kids soon lose all interest in wholesome pursuits like video games and professional wrestling.

Instead, under the influence of potent "geodes," or "scorpion keychains," they lose their days in a frenzied pursuit of the next new burst of color, the next new mind-blowing nugget discovery. Not only is it perfectly legal, but experts believe some children will be lost to this addiction for life. Just listen to what "Timmy" has to say:

"When I grow up, I want to keep breaking open rocks to see what's inside. And I want to help other kids learn to pan for gold, too. Just like Dr. Cool."